Above Ceiling Work Permit (ACW)
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What is the ACW Permit System?
How do I get certified to work above ceiling?
Who may submit an ACW Permit request?
What is the ACW Permit approval process?
ACW Certification

There is a 3 step process for becoming certified to work above ceiling at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

1.  You must request certification training.

This is submitted online using the "Certification Training Request" link.  This will send an email to the certification approver notifying them of your request.

2.  Your certification training account needs to be created.

Once the certification approver creates your account, you will be sent an email which contains a link to the certification training site.

3.  After successful completion of your training, bring the printed certificates of completion to the Plant Services offices.

When you present all of the certificates of completion, you will be given an Above Ceiling Work Certifcation card and number.  You will be input into the system as successfully completing the training and then you will be able to submit ACW permits online.