Above Ceiling Work Permit (ACW)
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What is the ACW Permit System?
How do I get certified to work above ceiling?
Who may submit an ACW Permit request?
What is the ACW Permit approval process?
ACW Permit Approval Process

Once an individual has satisfied the certication requirements, they may submit online Above Ceiling Work Permit requests.

The requestor fills out the online permit request and submits it.  This generates a system email that is sent to the approvers to review and approve or reject.  Whichever is chosen, the requestor will receive an email which provides the status of the permit.

If the permit is approved, the requestor will receive an email that contains a link that is used to print the approved permit.  The requestor can then take the permit and post it at the job site and begin work.
After completion of work, the requestor shall bring the approved permit to the VUMC approval authority for that person to sign off on the permit.
Once the VUMC approval authority has inspected the work and is satified, they can sign the permit to close it out.  The approval authority then finds the permit online and changes the status from "Approved" to "Closed".